What Our Partners are Saying

“When we got the recoupment demand, we thought seriously about closing our doors – how could we fight the State?  SembraCare got us on the right track in fighting the recoupment and helped save us an enormous amount of money. And we’re still here.”

-Philip Morris, President, Home Choice Healthcare

“When the reimbursement structure for Assisted Living facilities changed to the NCTracks system it was easy to foresee that there were going to be problems. I had always done my own billing under the old system, but with tight cash flow, I could not afford any delays with my reimbursements. So for the first time I decided to use an outside company to do my billing. I investigated all the options and selected SembraCare, and I’m glad that I did. With SembraCare, we are getting paid every week, and it has freed up hours of staff time. The billing process has been greatly simplified, and SembraCare has made all the difference.”

– John Leandro, President, Southern Healthcare Inc. &Past President, North Carolina Association of Long Term Care Facilities

 “SembraCare’s billing system has freed me from the tyranny of NCTracks & transformed billing for my family care home from a painful chore to a breeze! SembraCare’s customer service is outstanding! Thank you SembraCare!”

– Claybon Fields, Jr., Administrator, Fields Foundation

 “Until SembraCare began our billing in August, the PCS billing process was time consuming, tedious & stressful. As a small Assisted Living Facility operator, our time could be better utilized taking care of residents and adjusting to all the new regulations! Thanks to SembraCare, our billing and reimbursement process is user friendly, stressless & timely! The support staff at SembraCare is incredibly helpful & friendly. Sembracare has lived up to all that I had hoped it would! Highly recommend!!!!!”

-Deborah Katkaveck, Director of Operations, Autumnfield of Belhaven

“Without the help from SembraCare’s Audit Assist Team, PCG’s recoupment demand would have put us out of business. They helped us get a six figure recoupment down to nothing!”

-Mark Moore, President, Progressive Home Care

” I love SembraCare, I couldn’t live without it. It gives me the flexibility to work from home or anywhere and still know in real time what is going on with my business. I never have to worry about missing my children’s special moments because I am tied to the office, I can go & take the office with me with SembraCare. Not to mention their service is incredible. Even on the weekends, I know I can call SembraCare and they will be there to help!”

– Monica McKenney, President, AA Better Choice In-Home Aide Service

“Before SembraCare, I couldn’t afford to add more clients. Now I have one system where everything has a place and everything I need is at my fingertips. I can now schedule and track trainings, supervisory and other assessment visits, as well as know before scheduling that my employees meet requirements to work”

– Ann Richardson, Sandhills Home Care