Partner Referral Program

Your trust is worth everything….

…and we think you’ll agree!

SembraCare’s Partner Referral Program

Here’s how it works – Refer our services to another agency and if they become a SembraCare Partner, we’ll give you a credit worth $0.13 for every hour billed and collected by that agency for 90 days.  If the agency that you referred has:

Client Count Amount of Credit over 90 Days
5     @ 68 hours/month for each client$ 132.60
25   @ 68 hours/month for each client$ 663.00
100 @ 68 hours/month for each client$ 2,652.00
250 @ 68 hours/month for each client$ 6,630.00


Applicable credits are applied to your SembraCare invoice at the end of the ninety day period.

The new SembraCare Partner should mention that you made this referral when they call Brooke Baragona at 919-376-1112 or 866-861-4120.

Take advantage of this offer and start referring SembraCare today!

Rules of the Referral Program


  1. No cash value associated with this referral program.
  2. Credit applies only to billings done by SembraCare.
  3. The ninety day period starts on the date your referral signs up with SembraCare, not the date SembraCare does their first billing.
  4. Your agency must be an active SembraCare partner.