SembraCare Saves You Money

SembraCare’s home software model saves you money in running your business. More clients only means more money for your business if you have the tools in place to smoothly handle the growth.  As one put it “until I started using SembraCare, I couldn’t afford to add more clients.” There is no software to install, no extra fees.  Just open your office.  Our price has no “small” (but costly) start-up fees and is a small fraction of the money we collect for you, so we only make money if YOU get paid.

Some billing companies ask you to pay for claims they send in – even if you don’t collect on them.  Other companies charge you for each user or license or computer, whether or not they ever bill, or you collect a dime.

These two models work against you.  In the first model, your billing vendor has no incentive to get billing right the first time.  They can charge you again and again for each claim submitted, unless you give them perfect claims every time.  The second model works against you in hard times like right now!  If the state reduces your pay rate, we take the same haircut, percent by per cent as you do.  Call anytime, our answer will never change: the price of SembraCare is already cut automatically.  Do our competitors automatically lower their prices?  Why not call them and ask for 5% off right now?

We do more than just bill and collect.  At SembraCare, we look at your claim errors and give you our best solutions.  Do other billing companies take the time to review your data line by line?  Do they know about all the latest error codes? Are PA’s or eligibility a problem on your RA’s? Can those other home care software companies get you answers as to why?  SembraCare can and does.  When we are part of your team, you get they help and knowledge that you can trust to save you money.  Spend more time taking care of your consumers and less time with paperwork.

Bottom line, we help you save in dozens of ways.  Our software helps:

  • Frees up your Registered Nurses by automating time-consuming tasks
  • Provides sophisticated employee shift scheduling and tracking, like shift check in telephony systems
  • Reduces employee fraud by ensuring that the hours actually worked match the authorized hours and time-sheet schedule
  • In state background checks included for all new hires
  • Reduces your paper waste by electronic document management