Our Solution Makes Your Day-to-Day Tasks EASIER.

If you’re like most home care management professionals we’ve rubbed shoulders with, your day-to-day routine has become more and more hectic as your business has grown. But your business can’t be successful unless you have the time to focus on quality. It’s not surprising, then, that our priority is making your job easier so that you can focus on the tasks that will allow your business to continue to grow. To help you manage an ever-growing business without getting overwhelmed, our system conveniently:

  • Takes care of Medicaid and private pay billing
  • Handles payroll functions
  • Allows potential employees to submit job applications online
  • Greatly reduces paperwork by serving as an online document repository
  • Generates assessment and DMA forms pre-populated with data
  • Web-based electronic document generation
  • Ensures that your data is only a mouse-click away. No more ruffling through stacks of assessments and hand-written notes!