Home & Community Based Care Software’s Benefits

Surviving within the Margin

Your home health care business is subject to numerous detailed rules and regulations governing all aspects of eligibility, care provision, scheduling, reporting, record keeping, supervision, quality control, management oversight, and billing. To provide good quality care and comply with these rules and requirements requires extensive administrative support and an experienced RN staff proportional to the caseload.

Other home health care software, while still workable, would benefit greatly from the technological improvements now available in SembraCare’s home health care software. More time could be devoted to new quality improvement, service delivery and outreach initiatives. Nursing staff could perform assessments and visits and record data entirely without paper forms, and save on time consuming processes, and aide scheduling could become more efficient. Administrative staff – including scheduling coordinators and billing personnel – would free up capacity while getting their existing workload done.

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Overhead

You are not the only agency statewide with a need for increased efficiency and home health care software is the key foundation. The Home Care Industry has already been impacted by the closings or bankruptcies of several area Home Care agencies, which have discharged all their PCS consumers. Furthermore, due to State reimbursement rate cuts and the prospect of future cuts in service hours, the State (DMA) projects that over 25% of PCS consumers will have their hours of service reduced to 30-35 hours of service per month. Some consumers will likely be discharged by their less substantial private providers, who will unable to staff their cases or provide their medically necessary in-home care services without substantial losses.

We think that the larger and more successful providers will see this era as an opportunity to make gains while enjoying the benefits of improvements in administrative effectiveness, efficiency, and management oversight.