Frequently Asked Questions

Is SembraCare HIPAA compliant?


What qualifies SembraCare to design Home & Community Based Care software?

SembraCare was started when professionals who have worked for years in the field met with professional software engineers and decided that there was a lack of software that specialized in the Medicaid field. Home & community based care software was just a side business for most Medicare software, thus the growing need for SembraCare, which focuses strictly on your side of the business.

What does it cost?

SembraCare is committed to making the pricing structure as straightforward as possible. Our license agreements are written in such a way that it takes the high cost of software and throws it out the window. SembraCare charges a small percentage of each Medicaid check write.

Who do you use to process our Payroll?

SembraCare would be a user under ADP’s PayExpert program to process your payroll.