Important Recent Documents For PCS Providers

*** Updated to add March, April and May 2018 PCS reports***

On this page, you will find documents which are important for every PCS provider to study, which will help you understand and respond to recent events in the PCS Program.

First, there are two years of monthly statistical reports on Assessments by Liberty Health Care of PCS recipients, both in the home setting and in the residential facility setting.  The reports from November 2015 onward are especially significant, compared with prior months. Always check back for the latest monthly reports that will be posted below the 2 year one.

24 Months-PCS Monthly Reports

PCS Monthly Report February 2016

PCS Monthly Report March 2016

PCS Monthly Report May 2016

PCS Monthly Report June 2016

PCS Monthly Report July and August 2016

PCS Reports Nov and Dec 2016

Second, there is an analysis showing the effects of changes in the PCS statistics, taken from the monthly reports.

PCS Monthly Trend IHC

Third, there are Guidance Memoranda issued by DMA for Liberty Health Care to aid in the Independent Assessment process.  The Guidance Memo of September 2015, it appears, led to the changes reflected in the statistics.

Guidance Memos DOC032416

Finally, there are four presentations concerning the PCS Assessment Tool from January 2014, November of 2015, February 2006 and  March of 2016.  These appear to explain what Liberty RNs have been instructed to do from time to time when conducting Independent Assessments.

January 2014 PCS Assessment Tool

November 2015 PCS Assessment Tool

March 2016 PCS Assessment Tool