DMA – The need to remove prohibited task from care plans

DMA is reemphasizing the need to remove prohibited tasks from care plans by April 30, 2010.   We quote:

The new PCS and PCS-Plus Clinical Coverage Policy 3C includes changes required by Session Law 2009-451 (Senate Bill 202). Section 10.68A.(a)(3) of Senate Bill 202 mandated the addition of the following items to the list of tasks that are not covered by the Medicaid PCS program:
•    nonmedical transportation
•    errands and shopping
•    money management
•    cueing, prompting, guiding, and coaching
These and other non-covered tasks are listed in Section 4.3 of the new Clinical Coverage Policy.
Nonmedical transportation includes transporting a recipient outside of or away from the recipient’s residence. Errands and shopping include making purchases or performing other tasks for the recipient outside or away from the recipient’s residence. Such tasks are not covered under the PCS policy and must be eliminated from recipient POCs. In living communities in which laundry or other facilities are located outside the recipient’s private apartment but on-site, these on-site facilities are considered to be part of the recipient’s residence.