DMA Announcement

  1. DMA has been working with Liberty Health Care, Independent Assessment Entity for PCS to ensure the integrity of the assessment process and has provided guidance clarifications to accomplish adherence to PCS policy in the conduct of assessments. Part of that process has been to evaluate the impact of the clarification.
  2. DMA has adjusted some of the guidance, based on their findings following our internal quality improvement reviews, after which DMA provided refinements and updates to the Liberty’s training for their assessors to reflect the adjustments.
  3. In order to assure that all future reassessments adhere to DMA’s guidance, DMA will be pushing upcoming annual reassessments out to August, utilizing July to work with Liberty to continuing reviewing assessment data.  We will utilize the month of July to focus on staff training and development, and continue quality improvement activities with our vendor.
  4. DMA has instructed VieBridge to continue Prior Approvals for the month of July for current PCS beneficiaries due for an annual re-assessment.
  5. Beneficiaries will not experience interruption of their PCS services and providers may continue normal billing.