Did you miss the 2013 SembraCare Conference?

Here is just a taste of the items you missed from one small presentation and we’ll be doing it again in Charlotte. Join us

  1. Does the ACA apply to my business?
  2. I don’t have 50 FTE employees nor do I anticipate that changing.  What should I be concerned with?
  3. What if I already offer health insurance
  4. Okay, I have enough FTE employees to meet the definition of a large employer in 2014.  What do I do next as I don’t offer health insurance?
  5. I have (X) workers but not all of them are close to full time (30+/week) but I fall under a Large Employer and I don’t offer health insurance.  What is the next step?
  6. How is the easiest way to figure out the best look back period
  7. All of that is making my head hurt, I don’t offer health insurance now and I don’t want to.  What will happen?
  8. What does that mean in terms of dollars to me if I am considered a Large Employer?
  9. I have more than one company.  How does the ACA apply to each of them?
  10. I have a basic understanding but if we choose to just wait for the penalties, when can I expect to be contacted?
  11. How much money should I plan to put away over 2014 to pay for the penalties if I don’t offer coverage?