CCME Asks for Your Help In Updating Contact Data for Recipients

CCME posted a notice November 2, 2010 asking providers to help update contact data for recipients. Our guess is that they are finding out, the hard way, about yet another challenge which providers handle every day in providing services to their consumers. Here is the text of the announcement on QiReport:

11/2/2010 – When CCME is conducting annual assessments for recipients, we have found that many recipients have had changes to their demographic information. We may ask for your assistance to get updated recipient addresses or phone numbers. Without this information CCME may not be able to complete the annual assessments. Medicaid recipients have signed releases allowing DMA and its contractors access to their health information. CCME already has access to the recipient’s personal health information, so providing addresses or phone numbers over the phone does not constitute a HIPAA violation. CCME employees who may be calling you for this information will be the Independent Assessment field nurses or our IA schedulers. They will identify themselves as CCME employees prior to requesting this updated information. If CCME is unable to contact the recipient to schedule the annual assessment the recipient will not be able to continue to receive PCS. Thanks for your cooperation.