Dec 29 Webinar : Best Practices for FLSA and ACA Webinar

Join us live for a one hour webinar Monday, December 29th, from 2PM – 3PM




Webinar Event Name: Best Practices for FLSA and ACA


Event Topics: FLSA: Overtime, Travel Time, Companionship Exemption & ACA : Plans, Penalties, Resources


Guest Speakers: Sarah Ford, Parker Poe & John Smith, Synergy Benefits Advisors          


Event Description: Only a few weeks away from January 2015 and we want to make sure your business is ready! Do you have a plan to manage overtime or document and manage travel time? Do you know how the Fair Labor Standards Acts will affect your bottom line in 2015? Spoiler alert, it could be devastating without proper preparation. Do you or your employees know their options/requirements and potential penalties under the Affordable Care Act? Do you know you could be responsible by Jan.1 2015? Industry experts and guest speakers will hammer out the most important information you need to know, best practices and potential resources so be sure not to miss this one!