Attention: All North Carolina Home Care Providers

Medicaid Identification Cards Once A Year

Upon approval of the State budget, the N.C. Medicaid Program will begin issuance of one Medicaid identification (MID) card per year to each recipient. The effective date of this change may be as early as September 8, 2009. The annual cards will be printed on gray card stock; DMA will no longer have blue, pink, green, and buff-colored MID cards. The cards will include the individual’s name, MID number, and CCNC/CA primary care provider information (if applicable).

This change means that the MID card will no longer serve as proof of recipient eligibility.

At each visit, providers must verify the card holder’s:

Identity (if an adult)
Current eligibility
Medicaid benefit category
CCNC/CA primary care provider information
Other insurance information

However, once eligibility has been verified during a particular month, the provider may assume that the cardholder’s identity, eligibility, PCP and other insurance information remains valid for the remainder of that month.

Note: Non-SembraCare agencies might want to consider talking to SembraCare about a package deal to do all of your eligibility checks automatically every month and manage your client and employee data.