2013 SembraCare Conference

You Are Invited to an Important Conference Personal Care 2013 in Charlotte

Consolidated Personal Care Services Program for Home Care Agencies and Licensed Residential Facilities
An Open Conference on PCS, Billing and Other Vital Matters
Presented by SembraCare, Inc.
In conjunction with the North Carolina Association, Long Term Care Facilities
1. Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Holiday Inn – 2707 Little Rock Rd. ,Charlotte NC
2. Agenda – see below – sign up at www.sembracare.com
3. Conference times 10 am to 3 pm, 45 min lunch on your own
4. Cost – free to SembraCare clients *
5. Conference materials – will be available by email to be printed out and brought to meeting by participants
6. Conference Topics:
a. Update with the latest important information for LRF’s including accessing extra $
b. What HP, DMA, and CCME didn’t tell you
c. The latest on the NC Tracks transition
d. Being prepared for audits
e. Affordable Care Act – Questions you should ask!
f. Dealing with appeals and maintenance of service;
g. CSC/NC Tracks – role management, training, confidentiality, and NCID;
h. Cash flow management;
i. Care plan design tips, tricks and traps;
j. PCS Billing problem resolution
k. Attorneys from Parker Poe – ACH and Home Care – Audits and regulatory insights
7. Q & A session following each speaker
8. Questions: Call Brooke Baragona at 919 376 1112 or Richard Rutherford at 919 376 1133; or email brooke@sembracare.com or rrutherford@sembracare.com.
*To better manage attendance, SembraCare partners will be charged $25 per representative to reserve a seat but those charges will be reimbursed on next SembraCare invoice should all rsvp’s

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