Home Health Care Agency Guide to Getting Paid During Appeals

Home Health Care Agency Guide to Getting Paid During Appeals

Your Home Health Care Agency won’t stay in business if you can’t get paid!  DMA’s site has a new “how to get paid” guide, located at http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/provider/URVendorInstruct.pdf .  This guide makes a few points that are worth going over: First, it is imperative to get your clients ready for letters from DMA or CCME which […]

NC Medicaid 2011 Checkwrite Schedule

2011 Checkwrite Schedule The following table lists the cut-off dates, checkwrite dates, and the electronic deposit dates for January through December 2011. Source Month Checkwrite Cycle Cutoff Date Checkwrite Date EFT Effective Date January 01/06/11 01/11/11 01/12/11 01/13/11 01/19/11 01/20/11 01/20/11 01/27/11 01/28/11 February 01/27/11 02/01/11 02/02/11 02/03/11 02/08/11 02/09/11 02/10/11 02/15/11 02/16/11 02/17/11 02/24/11 […]

Maintenance of Services (MOS) Errors addressed by CCME

Providers have noted in recent weeks that CCME authorizations of continued services during Medicaid appeals appeared to be getting further and further behind, resulting in excessive delays in getting paid for MOS claims during appeals.  Our investigation has determined that this occurred due to a breakdown of the MOS procedure for a period of time, […]