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Our Home Care Software

  • Electronically submits Medicaid and VA billing with claim denial resolution assistance
  • Generates payroll reports
  • Helps you manage complete employee and client records with ease
  • Tracks and stores nursing assessments
  • Generates PCS-PACT assessment and PCS forms
  • Integrates independent assessment data
  • Runs in your web browser allowing you to work nearly anywhere
  • Submits and stores employee criminal background, Nurse Aide Registry, Health Care Personnel Registry, Board of Nursing and Office of Inspector General Exclusions list checks
  • Greatly reduces paperwork
  • Alerts you to help ensure regulatory compliance

Key Features

  • Complete client charts and employee files
  • Supports multiple plan types
  • Instant Medicaid eligibility checks, with regular checks done and stored for you with alerts
  • Accrual based accounting reports generated from your RA reports with easy to spot rejected amounts
  • Online employee applications
  • Online in-service training and testing
  • Scheduling tools track overtime and appropriate worker assignment
  • One-time data input generates accurate forms, care plans and timesheets
  • Alert notification for upcoming deadlines and due dates like Supervisory Visits
  • One-click online time sheet approval submits your billing
  • Automatic CMS-1500 generation
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Quality assurance report generation
  • Easy client-employee scheduling
  • Sends text messages to employees for open shift
  • Remote time sheet access

About SembraCare

The root word SEMBRA in our company name means “to plant a seed” and evokes images of our foundational goal: that our system will provide your business with the management tools it needs to grow and prosper.


“Before SembraCare, I couldn’t afford to add more clients. Now I have one system where everything has a place and everything I need is at my fingertips."

"Without the help from SembraCare’s Audit Assist Team, PCG’s recoupment demand would have put us out of business. They helped us get a six figure recoupment down to nothing!”

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