Recent Agenda Items from Our Weekly Partners Teleconfrence

Review of Pending Rate Cut and Recoupment Issues.  The General Assembly is back in town, and there are some PCS related proposals which have arisen in the Governor’s Budget which you should note Moratorium on Home Care Licenses for In-Home Aide Services, will it be extended? Session Law 2013-306 PCS Training Attestation Form”

Our Home Care Software

* Helps you manage complete employee and client records with ease
* Tracks and stores nursing assessments
* Generates PCS-Pact, PCS, and PCS-Plus forms
* Runs in your web browser allowing you to work nearly anywhere
* Handles billing and generates payroll reports
* Submits and stores employee criminal background checks
* Greatly reduces paperwork
* Alerts you to help ensure regulatory compliance

Key Features

* Complete client charts and employee files
* Supports multiple plan types
* Real time in-state background checks
* Instant Medicaid eligibility checks, with periodic checks done for you
* Online employee applications
* Online in-service training and testing
* Scheduling deviations are easily recorded
* One-time data input generates accurate PACT form, care plan and time sheets
* We alert you to upcoming deadlines and due dates
* One-click online time sheet approval submits your billing
* Automatic CMS-1500 generation
* 24/7 Client Support
* Quality assurance report generation
* Easy client-employee scheduling

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